Ancient Egypt was more than just the pyramids.

It was a whole civilization – just like ours!

BE A SCRIBE!: Working for a Better Life in Ancient Egypt



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Have your parents ever told you they want a better life for you than they had? Well, those conversations have been happening for thousands of years! Be a Scribe follows the story of a father named Khety who takes his son Pepi to school to learn how to read and write. (Sound familiar?) These skills are necessary to become a scribe, which is the best job in ancient Egypt. Along the way, Khety takes Pepi through all the different jobs during that time and offers some fatherly wisdom to help Pepi be the best he can be.

Be a Scribe will take you through....

The Journey

Khety and Pepi’s journey along the Nile

All the Jobs

A fisherman, a weapon maker, a jeweler, and so many more!

Ancient Wisdom

The essential learnings you need to be a good member of society in ancient Egypt

PLUS an intro to hieroglyphics along the way! Learn new words that you can practice at home or with your friends.

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Michael Hoffen

Michael Hoffen

Michael Hoffen is the youngest-ever recipient of the annual Emerson Prize, awarded by the Concord Review for outstanding promise in history. While still in middle school he was introduced to the joys of translating ancient texts and never looked back. During the pandemic, Michael decided to embark on an ambitious project to bring ancient Egyptian literature to life outside the classroom. ‘Be A Scribe’ is Michael’s first book in a series intended for young readers. When not chasing down new stories to translate, Michael enjoys biking, swimming, and rock climbing.

Dr. Christian Casey

Dr. Christian Casey

Dr. Christian Casey is an Egyptologist who specializes in the study of ancient Egyptian languages. He obtained his PhD in Egyptology from Brown University in 2020 and now works as a researcher at Freie Universität Berlin. He is especially interested in sharing the exciting world of ancient Egypt with young people and other interested members of the public.

Dr. Jen Thum

Dr. Jen Thum

Dr. Jen Thum is an Egyptologist, educator, and curator at the Harvard Art Museums. She received her degrees in Egyptology and Archaeology from the University of Oxford and Brown University. Jen’s work and research center on how people learn from art and artifacts. She teaches at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, publishes widely about learning with ancient objects, and is the lead editor of Teaching Ancient Egypt in Museums: Pedagogies in Practice. Jen conceived of Be a Scribe! after recognizing the need for accessible ancient Egyptian primary sources for young learners.

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